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  1. American Ingenuity Domes AMERICAN INGENUITY DOMES (26 Oct 17) American Ingenuity is a leading manufacturer of geodesic dome kits. Our panels consist of a 3/4in steel reinforced outer shell, 7in EPS (R-28) insulation, and 1/2in interior drywall. Our dome kits can be built on any type of terrain, or weather conditions. Ai has been in business for 40 years and has shipped over 800 kits to 47 US states and 15 foreign countries. American Ingenuity designs geodesic dome building plans for residential and commercial structures. We manufacture ten sizes of concrete building kits when assembled and finished with local materials result in 172 SF to 2,992 SF homes. The kits consist of prefabricated panels for the dome shell (the domes are measured by feet in diameter). The kits can be shipped internationally in containers. To learn more about the benefits of building a geodesic Ai concrete dome for your new home, please view Why Build a Geodesic Dome, which summarizes and highlights information regarding Ai's building system and component panel.

    ►Something for those of you interested in a smaller dome: Ai has added two new tiny home sizes to its Tiny Home assortment – 15ft and 18ft! These Tiny Dome Home Kits are constructed using Ai's superior prefabricated insulated concrete panel system. Consider them for a Special Hideaway, vacation cabin, mother's home, guest house, hunting cabin, glambing, tiny home, micro home, cottages for resort, rental units for veterans or a starter home. The Ai dome is much stronger, has noncombustible materials in its wall panels, fire resistant concrete exterior & more insulated than a framed house, concrete block house, log cabin, tent or yurt. Also all the panel materials contain no food source for mold growth. Additional dome kits can be added later and linked to the first dome built on your site.◄
  2. Dome House GEODESIC DOME HOUSE (25 Jun 17) This home here i think was built not too long ago maybe in the year 2000. There is some more information about this dome home on the following link:

    ►The Gillis family built this home from a kit purchased from American Ingenuity, and it took a fair share of actual ingenuity to built the structure. Parkii Helene Gillis along with Leo and friends had to dig trenches and footings, and operate heavy machinery to guide the triangles into place. Besides the technical challenges there were also legal and political challenges for the building. Permissions and permits were required from various Detroit politicians not known for the fair and open dealings, and due to the fact the banks refused to give loans for a dome house, funding had to be rounded up from other sources a process largely navigated by Parkii Helene Gillis. The main dome is 45 feet in diameter, but it also includes a side dome that is 35 feet in diameter. Together, the two domes provide about 4,000 square feet of living space - built for less than $90,000 all told and the dome is fairly cheap to maintain too. Plastic tubes pump hot water through the dome floor to keep the internal temperature high at a low cost. Ever since constructing the house in 2000, the Gillis's has given tours to hundreds of neighbors and tourists who have stopped by. He's happy to. "We love this neighborhood, we're from here and we wanted to make a statement that things are happening here, innovators live here," Gillis told the Metro Times.◄
  3. Auckland Dome House AUCKLAND DOME HOUSE (1 May 17) Here is a dome home that was up for sale in Auckland, New Zealand.

    ►Nestled alongside the water's edge in Auckland sits the dome home. The geodesic Paremoremo property might look like something out of a science fiction movie but it was the creation and home of the late Helen "Twink" McCabe and partner Noel Fuller. Twink's children, Sean and Tamara McCabe, now own the home and say while it's not everyone's cup of tea, there will be those who appreciate the design. "It's stood the test of time, was well built and it's still as sturdy as when it was first put together," Sean says. "From an engineering point of view it was a success. "It was quite a courageous move to do something like that." The house was dreamed up in the mid 1980s. Twink and Noel worked with architect John Ridge to design it. The site was originally their family bach, with a small cottage and an orchard. They built the dome house and moved in. Twink lived in there for 30 years. The house is designed around a series of triangles individually cut. Its' exterior is plywood, and interior: rimu. It took years to make all the triangles and get everything they needed, but Sean says it only took around a week for them to assemble. "It's quite neat," he says. "Everything had to be handmade and purpose-built because they have to be made to fit the wall and shape of the floor."◄
  4. Thin Shell Balloon Form MORTAR SPRAYER   For those of you interested in building a dome using the inflated "balloon form system" then this website i have linked to here might be a good starting point in your self-education. These folks actually sell stucco spraying tools something you would use to build your own balloon dome. Anyway, this is a really interesting website with tons of how-to information for making balloon domes, strawbale homes, & other cool structures. If you would like to build your own bubble (torisphere) structure, the plans can be found at: How to Build a Lloyd Turner Balloon Form.

    ►We proudly manufacture and sell the TirolessaUsa stucco and plaster sprayers. Our EUGENE, OREGON MADE sprayers shoot a wide variety of mixes. If you need plastering tools for cement stucco, GFRC, traditional lime plaster, premixed stucco, fibered stucco and more . . . You will be very happy with our sprayers. Many of our customers have their own recipe, and many of our customers are very pleased with the premixed stucco such as Quickrete, Magnawall, or Parex. Our stucco tools are GREAT application tools. The 4-Hole Wall Sprayer will efficiently cover an entire stucco house or speed up a smaller scale project. If vertical concrete is your specialty, our 3-Hole Plaster Sprayer will work great for you. The TirolessaUSA sprayers are economical and make applying stucco and plaster fast and easy. You can contact us anytime at or call anytime at 541-683-4167. We offer free advice and are happy to help you with your projects.◄
  5. Dale Wilkin Dome Office ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES   See the picture on the right: It was designed by a 21 year old man named "Dale Wilkin". But, if his website is any indication this seems to be the only dome building he has made and he uses this dome building as an office for his business "Architectural Services". But, if you are interested - he might sell you the plans for a duplicate dome building with any modifications desired by you. You can see a larger view of his dome structure on his website by clicking one of his dome pictures.

    ►In 1996, Dale hung his shingle for Architectural Services. Appropriately, his office is now housed at 139 Greenville Street, Newnan, GA in that same geodesic dome house that he built and designed at the age of 21. Architectural Services has designed many projects to include churches, manufacturing facilities, county and city buildings, commercial/retail stores, restaurants, and residences throughout Coweta County and other parts of the state of Georgia. Dale’s love of historical structures has made him especially adept at renovations and additions to historical buildings and residences. He is a strong believer in constructive reuse of historic properties and has always worked hard to preserve their integrity while improving their functionality.◄
  6. Domain Domes DOMAIN DOMES   Domain Domes has lots of nice pictures of their product. Their domes are quite versatile and can be used for just about any type of personal or commercial idea. Domain Domes looks to be the Australian version of the "" which i have listed on this website.

    ►The Domain Dome is a versatile, affordable housing and living system. It can be used as a stand-alone living space in urban and rural areas, a sole accommodation unit or bedroom or a house extension and spare room. Users have set up their domes as personal living spaces in back gardens and rural properties


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    and families have extended their houses quickly and cost-efficiently to make more space for people and other needs. The Domain Dome is well suited to disaster response providing rapid shelter for those in need and those providing relief services and support. It can be set up within hours requiring no special skills or tools. It can provide instant shelter, accommodation and a versatile space for co-ordinating local operations, logistics, medical clinics, field hospitals, communications housing and any other application requiring a secure, practical space. For the victims of disaster, the domes can provide secure housing and shelter protecting families and their remaining possessions from weather and other challenges in a way tents cant, in particular for long periods of recovery. Domain Domes can also be environmentally sealed and with a closed loop atmosphere and HEPA filtration unit they can be placed at airports and other locations as an isolation or quarantine solution. They do not dampen or mould and protect against falling rocks, hazards and fire. Tourism operators including caravan parks, resorts, camp-ground & backpackers can now expand their guest accommodation facilities, infrastructure and outbuildings almost overnight and for a fraction of the cost of alternative options. Domes have been used within alpine ski resorts, camps, van parks and on island resorts. They are also an excellent solution for student housing, research centers and a variety of education facilities.◄
  7. Dome Home DINGLEY DELL DOME BUILDING   This company makes beautiful wood fired pizza ovens and small livable dome buildings with their concrete shell process. They are based in the United Kingdom.

    ►Founded in 1999, Dingley Dell Enterprises is a Concrete Specialist Manufacturer. Our core business is Refractory Oven Manufacture and GRC - ultra thin shell concrete Technologies. On the 6th of January 2011 Dingley Dell Enterprises was recognized as a top 10 finalist
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    in the Lafarge 2010 European invention awards for sustainable construction. Despite not winning one of the top 3 places Lafarge has recognized the importance of sustainable low-cost housing in the third world and has committed 20,000 euros to help realize the pilot project in South Africa where 20 dome homes will be built for the Project O Children of aids Orphanage. This will help kickstart the dome home solution which impower unskilled people to build fantastic homes. We have also gained support for this program with commitments for materials from amongst others including Owens Corning and Easy Spread. Project O children of aids orphanage has committed to raise 20,000 euros to make this a reality. This amounts to just 1000 pounds sterling for a 2 bedroom 50m2 disaster resistant home. Any corporate or personal sponsorship would be welcomed. If you would like more information on how you could be involved in helping not only Project O but people around the world who live in sub standard housing then please contact us.◄
  8. USA DOMES.COM USA DOMES   I have another listing on my website here that is similar to this or the same, just located in Japan i believe. This here is an American business who distributes this system in North America. I really like this dome system. The basic shell is prefabricated for you and shipped out to your address. You have to finish this off at your own expense using "Shotcrete" plus make a concrete foundation (maybe you could build this on a wood deck?). The cost is approximately $8,900 for a single dome kit - this includes: The 8 Dome Panels (Door and Windows Panels are FREE of charge but MUST be specified at time of order. They can also be pre-cut), Flexible Steel Rebar, Strapping Tool, Wire Mesh, Vent/Skylight, Instruction Manual with easy assembly instructions, & Architectural Plans and specifications. Picture on the right is of the basic shell which is probably what you are buying, not a completed dome. ►Introducing the most revolutionary building structure that is taking the world by storm. The EPS personal dome structure is impervious to natural disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, and the shape is naturally wind resistant. We are the official distributor of the most Amazon Wii Station revolutionary, yet affordable and eco-friendly building structure known to humanity, the EPS Dome. Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam (EPS) is light weight, renewable, and naturally energy efficient and resistant to natural disasters. It truly is the perfect housing solution for today's housing problems. Today's domes have a number of crucial usages in the unpredictable world we now live in. Domes are used as emergency shelters by governments around the globe, schools use them as teaching facilities, and disaster relief efforts are housed in hundreds of EPS domes worldwide. There are also subdivisions (as shown on our website) constructed of nothing but EPS housing, solar powered, easy to build, inexpensive, and will last for centuries. This is personal real estate that has an endless amount of uses and is eco-friendly, energy efficient, easy to construct, and ridiculously affordable. These domes can be used in back yards, as single family homes, as in-law quarters, man caves, game rooms, storm shelters, etc, etc. This affordable product is the future of real estate worldwide based on ease of construction, revolutionary material that resists mold, fire, and the elements, and is already being used in disaster relief efforts across the globe. You can own one of our modular Dome homes for less than you thought possible. Call today! This building material is energy efficient, it's low in cost, and proven capable of withstanding natural disasters! You can use the materials to build about anything, including a single family home, adding a garage space, or even starting a business.◄
  9. The Panasiri Thailand Dome House KWICKSET KONSTRUCTION KITS   This is an Australian based Company established in 1992 and they do dome building projects in other countries as well. Billed as "Energy Efficient Homes - Designed For De-Construction". If you study this website i think you might agree that they have one of the best consumer dome systems on the market. This appears to be a very good deal to me. The inventor has really made this an easy to erect home.

    ►Kwickset Konstruction Kits' dome home package makes it practical, economical and efficient for people to construct their own homes – without skilled labor or any special tools other than those supplied with the kit. The dome frame itself can usually be erected in a few days. Quality, Price, Versatility - you can't find a better way to build your own home. The structure of a dome requires approximately 30% less materials compared to a conventional structure enclosing the same space. Amazon Grocery Deals The color coded assembly system allows you to easily construct your dome-home yourself and start saving on your building costs. Because less surface area is exposed to the outside elements, domes require some 25% less energy to heat or cool than conventional buildings. Since there are no corners, airflow is even and consistent – there are no hot or cold spots. Geodesic domes have the best strength-to-weight ratio of any structural design using similar material. Fast completion and early occupancy results in a quicker return on your investment. The structural framework of a geodesic dome consists of 4inx2in wooden struts and Stainless Steel connectors. The color-coded struts are bolted to color-coded Stainless Steel connectors using an electric screwdriver and socket supplied with the complete Kwickset Konstruction Kit. All the components of a Kwickset Dome are pre-cut, pre-drilled and color coded to make it easy to assemble them with precision and confidence. The largest piece for a 45ft diameter dome is just over 3m long and is easily handled by one person. Kwickset domes are completely free-standing during construction. No shoring up is needed. No special tools (except those supplied) or expensive lift equipment, such as cranes are necessary to assemble a Kwickset Dome.◄
  10. Geodesic Refugee Shelter GEODESIC REFUGEE SHELTER   Here's a real nice one for you - fresh off the drafting board from Kirill Volchinskiy of San Francisco, CA, USA.

    ►All too often, a humanitarian relief effort will take longer than it is estimated and require more funding than estimated. All too often, the refugee camps created during such an effort become overcrowded and permanent, when they were designed to be temporary. The result of this is the creation of slums, dysentery, a negative impact on the environment and an avoidable death toll on the population of the camp. This design proposal is meant to bridge the gap between traditional refugee camps in areas of conflict and "EarthShip" (autonomous, low-impact, permanent) structures often found in experimental activist communities; not where they are required most. Based on Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic dome construction, this structure is able to scale up to house schools and administrative complexes, relieving the weight from walls or any other load-bearing support structure, saving weight and materials. What this also provides is the ability to have an open configuration of interior walls—supporting open planning. Furthermore, by connecting several of such buildings together, the sharing of resources and collective waste disposal becomes possible, creating community.◄
  11. PICTURE ON THE WAY DOME DREAMS OF OKLAHOMA   This linked website here has offered services in the past with building domes for the general public, but they have gone out of business but leave the website up for your future reference. So, that is why i am including it here. World Wrestling Federation It still has lots of good pictures and dome building information.

    ►We are sorry, we can not build anymore domes due to equipment and personal issues. Would still be happy to answer any questions, we will be here just for information. Thank you for your support.

    Thank you for your interest in a Dome Home and Above Ground Shelters. Hope we can help you in making your dream home come true. The Monolithic Dome is a super-insulated, steel reinforced concrete structure used for homes, schools, gymnasiums, bulk storage facilities, churches, offices, and many other uses. Why a Dome Home? A very good question. It began when we learned of the energy efficiency of a Dome. With each new dome we realized the interior design can become anything. The cost is reasonable compared to a traditional home. The cost of a traditional home here is around $75.00 to $125.00 SF. Visit our floor plan page to get a better idea of the cost. They are safe and tornado resistant.◄
  12. Lexa Dome Framework Presentation LEXA DOME HOMES   Yeah, this is a real cool item, you're going to like this. Presented here is a very unique dome building system, not a geodesic frame but another kind of proprietary framing system providing a basis for some very strong structures. This framing system can be used to build all kinds of structures from small cabins and sheds to much larger buildings. Men's & Women's Sunglasses Be sure and check out their picture gallery for beautiful examples of completed buildings.

    ►Welcome to Lexa Dome Homes Ltd. We manufacture wooden domes with engineered arcing panels that replace the framing component of conventional stick-frame construction. We are a contractor, capable of building complete homes and structures using domes, stick-frame construction, and the standard industry sub-trades. Positioning ourselves as a global player, we supply cost effective, green, sustainable and energy efficient homes. In these uncertain times of climate change and global warming, the Lexa dome can give home owners additional security against earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds and heavy snow loads. Lexa does not produce the traditional geodesic domes, but rather its architectural plans are primarily elliptical monolithic wooden domes that provide an inner ceiling height not usually attained with geodesic and standard spherical domes.◄
  13. Unfolded Geodesic Dome on displayFOLDING GEODESIC DOME   Here's a new one for you. A lot of you will be able to make this dome and maybe even make improvements because it has low material cost.

    ►Geodesic domes are light, strong structures with huge interior space that is very pleasant and inviting. Unfortunately they tend to take many man-hours to erect. I needed a dome that was strong and windproof enough for the desert, yet could be easily put up by one or two people in short order. Hence the Folding Geodesic Dome, also known as the Democracy Dome since it's made from recycled political campaign signs put to a better use. Free MP3 Music With another election coming, we may get some new raw materials soon . . . It takes 105 triangles to make the particular dome shape I wanted (called a 3V), which could be a time-burner to assemble. The Folding Geodesic Dome simplifies things with tape hinges that pre-connect many of the triangles into 16 segments, each of which can fold into a small stack and connects to its neighbors via tabs and clips. The more hinges used the less time spent connecting triangles in the field. The dome goes up with 2 people in 2 hours or less. Take down time is 30 minutes. There are great Instructables for light domes made from Coroplast or cardboard which negate the need for a support frame. This dome was made with an eye for economy, using 20 surplus 4ftx8ft 4mm Coroplast political campaign signs found on Craigslist for $100. The panels can be made from any stiff material (cardboard, Coroplast, thin plywood, Plexiglass) that is rigid enough to resist bowing. This project was made possible by the resources at including their dome calculator, dome formulas and the dome diagram that I use in this Instructable. (If you build a dome, please donate to through their PayPal Button lower left as I did.) This dome is a light-duty 'backyard' dome, done as a proof-of-concept; it isn't waterproof. My next version will utilize a combination of thin plywood for the hexagons and Coroplast for the pentagons to let light in. This project is ideal for a ShopBot CNC mill, as cutting triangles from stronger materials would be made much more efficient and accurate. Please click "VOTE" above to enter this Instructable in the Instructables ShopBot CNC Contest and help me build Version 2!.◄
  14. Trash Shelter SystemHOME DOME   This particular dome project does not have it's own website unfortunately; so i have tried to link to the best site i could find which gives you the best information about this dome system. Included on this presentation is a well done PBS video which shows a lot about how to build this dome. "The Home Dome is a makeshift dwelling in the shape of a Mongolian yurt. Made of packing peanuts stuffed into plastic grocery bags, it gives a new use to bulky and difficult-to-dispose of packing peanuts. The Home Dome includes a built-in bed that anchors the structure to the ground using the weight of the person inside."►Student Wins $10K For Building Homeless Shelter From Trash. 12-year-old AMSA student Max Wallack is the Grand Prize winner of the 2008 Trash To Treasure competition sponsored by Intel. The people at the WGBH show "Design Squad" selected Wallack's idea from more than 1,000 entries for their Trash to Treasure contest. As the grand prize winner, he will receive $10,000 from the Intel Foundation and a Dell laptop powered by Intel computer. Wallack, a ninth-grader at Advanced Math and Science Academy in Marlborough submitted his project the "Home Dome", which is primarily a shelter for the homeless made from plastic, wire and packing peanuts.◄
  15. Bustan Mud DomesMUD DOMES   This is a very interesting presentation using a combination of materials to produce a very livable well insulated low cost small dome home. The three basic materials are: 1. 3/4in EMT tubing. 2. Straw bales. & 3. Mud (a mixture of clay & sand). OK, listen up, this type of building is best suited to areas of low rainfall such as most any desert area. I think this method is something that has been developed in the country of Israel. Unfortunately the link i have here does not give you as much detailed information on the actual steps as i would like for it to give, kitchen & Dining but at least it is a start. Hopefully, in the future i can find more complete information on this building method.

    ►Hands down, my favorite practical element of the program so far is working on the mud domes in the new Bustan neighborhood. I am glad the domes weren't done and ready for us to move into when we arrived, because working on these little houses has been incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. This week we worked on the domes in two groups. I was in one dome with three other people and each of us worked on a different section inside. The dome in the forefront is the one I was working in (See picture on the right). There's still a lot of work to be done, which I think is super exciting. For example, the ceiling still needs to be completely covered. In this photo you can see the straw bale construction, and the dome’s geodesic frame. We didn't mix mud in plastic bins, by hand, for this project. Mike taught us how to use the cement mixer so we could produce a lot of mud quickly. In this photo you can see the cement mixer and behind it the (1) pool of clay and (2) pile of sand—two of the major components in making the mud.◄
  16. Dome Cabin ECONODOME CABIN KIT   Actually, this listing is already included on another website which i have listed below, but it is so buried in the links of that website that i decided to highlight it here. It is a good offer and it deserves to be made readily available to my viewers of this website. This link goes to a very cool little cabin called: "A small five-sided dome cabin".

    ►This five sided cabin has an interior loft. The floor is built above treated telephone poles. Each of the five sides is 8 foot by 8 foot. In order to build this building legally without a building permit in California, this building was built above pre-cast piers and boulders. After completion this building was moved to different locations on the resort property. Cost of the 4v frame (as shown in photos) made with 2x4 struts is $4,000 USD + shipping. Buy Bibles & Related Books Vinyl faced insulation stapled on the outside of the frame before the exterior panels are nailed on, achieves a pillow effect on the finished interior. About the 13ft EconOdome kit: This 14 foot diameter dome may be used as a hot tub cover. The attractive frame may be screened, covered with Plexiglass, or overgrown with grape vines. The photos above shows a ten-sided building with a dome roof having 40 triangles and resting on a gravel base. Cost for the 2v dome roof frame with 40 triangles formed with 65 struts, made with 2X4 lumber, and complete with plans for the entire building is $950. Price includes blocking supports within each triangle and framing for five economical venting skylights. Connectors for the dome roof are included. Total cost of "complete" pre-cut 13ft diameter EconOdome kit including all the above is $4,750. Coverings + wall and floor framing materials may also purchased locally and cut on the job site. If you wish to save money by cutting most of the materials yourself, we will provide you with instructions. Shipping of just the precision cut EconOdome frame kit as shown below is $500 to anywhere in the USA. Shipping for the "complete" 13ft EconOdome kit will vary between $900 and $1500 depending on your location. If you wish to order just the 13ft EconOdome 2Z frame kit with 40 triangles, click "buy now" button below. If you wish to order the complete 13ft diameter EconOdome cabin kit, please contact our office by phone.◄
  17. BIOHOME   You're going to like this one. These folks are still cranking them out, they must be doing something right. This is not as fancy as it appears to be. Frame members are made from 3/4in or 1in Electrical Metal Tubing (EMT). And then i think foam is applied to the framework someway, somehow. This project might possibly be located in or near Zephyr Cove, Nevada.

    ►BioHOME is the prototype of closed-system housing and sustainable living, built with everyman in mind. It is an ongoing developing project in kit form for the homeowner builder, giving you affordability, ease of construction,
    free standing power systems and more. The goal at Project BioHOME is to provide a unique and unconventional design you easily can construct yourself, freeing you up from central feeds - power and water - NO BILLS. In fact, You will find select components of the BioHOME kit are already available for sale on this website. We CAN, as a global community, make the shift towards living in harmony with our planet AND still continue to grow, discover, and flourish with today's technologies. Using Buckminster Fuller's original design for a geodesic dome, you can construct without any prior knowledge of building trades. Our BioHOME Polyurethane 3 LB Foam will not sag, shrink, and it resists molds and bacteria, is chew proof (insects & rodents) and self-extinguishing should it catch fire. You, as the homeowner-builder, are the contractor. Closed-system housing will free multitudes of resources, the most important of all is ones personal time. With the ever-rising costs of failing central feeds demanding our dependence, we at Project BioHOME intend to return you to that freedom that we lost generations ago. Imagine a world where we as humans, and our homes, contribute to being part of the solution.◄
  18. Birdcage Dome in Haiti THE BIRDCAGE DOME   This dome construction system being displayed here is in my opinion extremely good because it is something a lot of people can do, plus it appears to be quite strong when completed. This system allows for either a flexible tarp covering or a concrete/cement shell which even an inexperienced person can build.

    ►This is Wil Fidroeff, developer of the Birdcage Dome building alternative. The idea of the Birdcage Dome came just after the earthquake in Haiti. A strong 23 feet (7m) diameter, hurricane and earthquake safer concrete dome home can be built with interwoven rebar arches and covered with tarps, metal mesh or troweled on ferrocement concrete. A do-it-yourself dome home built using only rebar, tarps, metal mesh, and mortar is very economical. We call it the "Birdcage Dome" as you begin with a birdcage made with steel rebar. The birdcage dome can be built very economically on the ground or on a raised mesa base. Outlet Deals Both dome types (wood frame or metal frame) can be covered with wire mesh and troweled on concrete. We wanted to show the Haitians how to build the birdcage dome because the necessary construction materials are available in Haiti. Shipping and manufacturing costs are not affordable by many people who need substantial and safe low cost homes in Haiti and elsewhere. As rebar, tarps, metal mesh, cement, and sand are commonly available everywhere, this dome building method can be used to build low cost and functional dome homes. Cement and sand mortar over wire mesh is called ferrocement. Ferrocement concrete can be used to make boats, water tanks, and dome homes. Ferrocement is cement mortar that is troweled onto metal wire mesh. A thin layer (¾in to 1in thick) of cement mortar is very strong when it is formed in a curved shape and reinforced with wire mesh. A thin concrete shell is very strong like an egg shell when it is formed to make a wire mesh reinforced concrete dome. My initial thought was to design a dome that would first of all be quickly usable. Anyone willing to work to help themselves and others may use these plans. You can use EMT pipe or bamboo as a substitute for rebar to create the dome shape with interwoven sets of parallel arches.◄
  19. John Kuhtik JOHN KUHTIK'S FLY'S EYE DOME   I have seen this "Fly's Eye" picture before and wished that it could have been made habitable. Well, it seems this man John Kuhtik has done just that - he has made this basic Buckminster Fuller concept habitable and i hope he can market the product successfully.

    John Kuhtik has been building domes with modular and repeatable fiberglass parts. His company, EMOD, hopes to prototype the Fly's Eye shell, load it with essential equipment to make the dome a house, and make it available to the public at an affordable price. We would like to give families the option of having one parent at home again. John is almost ready to put up the dome, but has a few more fiberglass panels to construct. His company is seeking funding and donations. The dome will be constructed in Bayonne, New Jersey sometime this year. The Fly's Eye was Fuller's last dome design, prototyped back in the mid-70s. Some advantages of the Fly's Eye dome are:

    1. Low cost, high strength.
    2. Light weight, easily transported components.
    3. Bolt together assembly.
    4. Lower heating and cooling costs than rectilinear buildings.
    5. Stronger and safer than conventional buildings.
    6. Savings on resources and labor: One third less material used to enclose the same space with a dome than a cube.

  20. Earth Ball Float ROGER DROWNE   Trust me. This website will keep you entertained for hours. One of the things it's about is low cost living in a "Floating Geodesic Dome" on the Intracoastal Waterway along the Eastern Seaboard of the US from New Jersey to the gulf of Mexico ending at Brownsville, Texas. He seems to stay in the section from Georgia to Florida. This isn't such a bad idea in my opinion, looks like it could be a lot of fun. I wonder if this system would work in the Sacramento Delta area of California (Sacramento Delta, centered on Hwy 160 & Hwy 84). His personal website here.

    ►the SUN is a globe - the Moon is a ball. the Earth is a sphere. Your House can B round. Time 2 get off your butts, Earth Citizens - With your help, we R ready 2 create/build/mass-produce . . . Earth Ball Abodes, Greenhouses and about 16 Support Earth Ball Kits ( see below ). If Earth Citizens Unite, work together & start creating the first / second / 100th and on . . . Warehouse Deals Earth Ball Abodes, Green-houses and Support E.B.s. U/We can follow along at OUR E.B. web site sharing ideas, how 2 best build em, about what U/WE R doing, materials used, up-dated innovations, etc. . . THEN as each one is built . . . They will become, better and better in a shared, cooperative effort 2 ( in fact - in reality ) WE CAN . . . Build the BEST POSSIBLE - Earth Ball Homes etc. 4 all who want one, all around OUR Earth. NOTE: Earth Ball Abodes reduce pollution by A LOT - FAST - AS SOON AS U MOVE IN. Your Ideas R Wanted / Needed, 2 Put this GLOBAL & LOCAL E.C. Project Together. All Information at is FREE 2 copy, use, share, improve upon, any and all - ideas and/or info, between Each Other / Earth Citizens, Anywhere, anytime, on OUR PLANET & beyond / TODAY. About becoming involved, investing what U can (time/money/ideas/whatever) is in the creation stage, Ideas Welcome, Stay Tuned, we hope 2 B ready 2 go with this by April, 2008, NOTE: Any and all investments made to this E.C. Project will come back to you 10 fold - in ideas, information, innovations, saving you time & cash building your E.B.A. U Know . . . WE will B working out the bugs, TOGETHER all around OUR Earth. Also the E.B.A . . . & Support Earth Balls can B made 4 resale by YOU simply by being a GREAT support E.Ball product. Other may want to buy from U instead of building their own. In other words, start your own E.C. Co-Operation.◄
  21. The RanDome THE RANDOME   This dome consists of what is called a "Circle Packing System". I'm guessing it's classified as a "Coccolithophorid". Say that while eating a bowl of cereal. Also, this dome has a history and is being used even as we speak.

    ►Buckminster Fuller is well known for his determined effort to address the global shelter shortage by using his concept of Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science. Cigarettes My Man Design science strategy focuses on using the world's resources to the greatest advantage possible. One measure of a dwelling's success is its performance per kilogram of material. By increasing a material's performance through design, and thus the efficacy and efficiency of both the cost and labor of construction, the possibility for sheltering all the world's population will also increase. Fuller made great progress in his efforts to address the problems of shelter. The geodesic dome is a milestone in the history of shelter. The RanDome is an advancement in building design that will take Fuller's geodesic shells to new levels of functionality and versatility. The RanDome is a new kind of geodesic shell which is far simpler than existing space enclosing building strategies. RanDomes are mass-produced and assembled from a variety of materials. RanDomes are inexpensive, strong, long lasting and weatherproof - exactly the type of structure to address the global problem of inadequate shelter. The RanDome achieves these benefits by changing, fundamentally, how we view the basic building element. The RanDome structure is not an assemblage of edges and faces, as are traditional shell structures. It is assembled from a number of overlapping cones called vertex elements. A RanDome has all the structural benefits of a traditional geodesic shell structure but without the complexity of design, manufacture and construction. The RanDome construction strategy is intuitive. It is a Trimtab improvement on mass shelter construction by virtue of elegant simplicity. This building strategy needs no advanced educational degrees or construction experience. It transcends literacy, language and cultural barriers. Everyone, even children, can now build a sturdy, weatherproof and healthy shelter.◄
  22.  Deployable Geoshelters DEPLOYABLE GEOSHELTERS   This is a pretty neat deal. They have a pentahut, a cool pyramid model, a super dome. I think these units are made from extruded plastic. Their products can be used for camping or commercial use.

    ►Triangular Integrated Structures specializes in engineering and manufacturing, low-cost, highly deployable GeoShelters to help refugees and victims of natural and man-made disasters. The structures can remain as permanent shelters or can be returned to the box and be re-deployed, or stored. These inexpensive shelters are designed by highly qualified engineers to weather the elements and exceed United Nations & World Bank requirements. They protect the occupants from the extremes of environmental conditions and can be temporary or permanent. Our shelters are designed to be simple enough that anyone can assemble the structure within a couple hours with simple hand tools, that are included with each structure. The final packaged product arrives at the destination with all component parts and instructions in a compact, lightweight, shipping unit. We also have a variety of options, such as heating and cooking elements.◄
  23. Good Karma Domes GOOD KARMA DOMES   They build "Panel Domes". That means key components are prefabricated in their shop to ensure a good fit at the construction site. This is a good website with lots of educational material provided for your perusal.

    ►Domes, geodesic domes or concrete domes, hub and strut systems versus panel domes, what is frequency? How do these factors effect ease of dome home construction, quality and affordability. Where do you find the answers? Right here! 360mobileoffice Banner The Good Karma Domes extensive website is designed to answer your questions about dome home construction and reflect our 38 years of dome building expertise. We are happy to answer questions. We offer a great dome; erecting, dome roofing (elastomeric and shingle), and the installation of dome ledger boards, dome extensions, dome cupolas, and dome windows. We also offer to pre-cut sheetrock or paneling on site. The engineers, architects, and conventional home builders that live in our domes are testimony to our methods and quality! If you can't find the answer here, email or call us. We offer a great dome; its erecting, its dome roofing (elastomeric and shingle), and the installation of ledger boards, extensions, cupolas, and windows. We also offer to pre-cut sheetrock or paneling on site. The engineers, architects, and conventional home builders that live in our domes are testimony to our methods and quality. —James Lynch!◄
  24. 5 Meter Cardboard Dome 5 METER CARDBOARD DOME   This appears to be some kind of a school project but is pretty neat in my opinion. It consists of instructions on how to build your own 5 meter wide cardboard dome and it looks quite nice when completed. Of course a person could perhaps use nylon bolts, washers & nuts in place of the giant binder clips these kids used for a more permanent structure.

    ►Suitable for an entire class (25-30 elementary school students). The plans presented here are for a dome with a radius of 2.5 m, so the finished dome is 5 meters, or about 15 feet across. This is large enough to fit an entire class at once and will be useful for projecting stars and planets and other AV use.◄ Click here for a bigger view.
  25. Wallace Neff Airform House AIRFORM HOUSE   This listing was borrowed from bookofjoe, "World's most popular blogging anesthesiologist". "This house form was developed by the famous architect Wallace Neff (1895 - 1982) who was an architect based in Southern California and was largely responsible for developing the region's distinct architectural style.
    Neff also designed a distinctive form of inexpensive housing in the late 1930s. It was a dome-shaped construction made of reinforced concrete that was cast in position over an inflatable rubber balloon. Donuts Though the design did not gain support in the US it was used for large housing projects in Egypt, Brazil and West Africa and during the 1940's and 50's. The Pasadena Shell House is the only remaining airform house left in the US. Also called: shell, balloon or bubble houses. Neff began building the concrete structures which he would call "airform construction" in 1941. The airform construction technique is relatively simple: It requires inflating a giant rubber balloon manufactured by the Goodyear Rubber Company to its hemispheric shape while lashed down to a concrete pad and then spraying it with gunite. Once the gunite is set the balloon is deflated and removed though a door or window and used again. The house is then insulated, reinforced with rebar and covered with another layer of concrete. In addition to the domed structures, Neff also built his so-called "honeymoon cottage" a name coined by one of the architect's famous clients, Mary Pickford. The houses were mass-produced, portable and made to withstand earthquakes and storms. At the time, Neff said he was "possessed by the thought that there should be a demand for small homes of real charm within the reach of people of limited means." Note: All or much of this material was copied from the
  26. Papercrete Dome PAPERCRETE DOME   This is kind of a cool looking homemade papercrete dome isn't it? But there is a lesson here. When utilizing some new touted method which has not been tested by time - you might end up putting a lot of money and effort into "junk construction": Something that is dangerous to live in and does not last very long. Papercrete is suspect to me. I know there are those out there who swear by papercrete and admit that papercrete can do no wrong. But probably for your money and time it's best to stay with tried & true building materials and techniques until someone gets the bugs worked out. Continue reading below:

    ►I live in the community (City of the Sun) that was a leader in the papercrete revival. We built 20+ buildings and homes. They are all now in various degrees of falling apart and the place generally looks like a ruin. My house is about 1/2 papercrete and has mildew & mold problems. It is stuccoed and coated with elastomeric. This is in an area that gets 2-6in of rain a year. That's not to say it can't be built in a way that works but I would suggest anyone considering it plan on having wide overhangs where water has little chance of ever penetrating the surface.

    In the early days they (papercrete homes) were touted as being "fire proof" but a couple of months ago, Mike's brother evidently dropped a cigarette next to a papercrete wall and the next night his mother woke to a house full of smoke. A neighbor heard her yelling and ran over and put out the fire. Building codes are not always the "Bad Guy". When my girlfriend and I arrived in southern New Mexico one of the first things we did was look around for a local building material. Clay would need to be excavated and hauled in, straw bale was already expensive and not local, manufactured building materials like rastra were a little too off the shelf for us. We ended up settling on what we had locally available and that was/is paper. It is common for small remote towns to not have much in the way of recycling. Our town was collecting paper, but more often than not would just dump it in the landfill after collection. They were happy to help us load our truck up with their newspaper which was mostly a nuisance to them. We later found a source of rebar being made from old cars within a 100 miles of our place. Since we would have a lot of batteries and solar PV equipment that needed a good home we decided to do our first structure as a battery room for our solar equipment. Domes are inherently strong and energy efficient structures. This is how we started building a battery dome from paper.◄

Small Green dome People like this dome cabin. This beautiful little dome was designed and built by "Rob Lusher" of in Sydney, Australia • Phone: 0409244424. It is a 6 meter diameter music studio Rob built for himself (Not for Sale). It is a timber frame, covered with EPS panels and cement render. You can view the interior by clicking here.

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